Experiment Design and Automation with DEW

Have you ever struggled to map the experiment you envisioned to the testbed? Or perhaps to automate an experiment and scale it up? Our new set of tools should help.

Young Minds at Cyber Camp use DETERLab to Understand Routing Protocol & More

This summer DETER was used to teach and demonstrate cybersecurity in action to middle school and high school aged students, primarily comprising of 7th through 9th graders, at the GenCyber Camp hosted at University of Wisconsin Green Bay (UWGB). The 5-day cybersecurity camp that took place during July 31 through August 4 benefited both students and teachers. Student attendees typically have minimal exposure to computer programming and systems security.

Report on NASPI 2014 Survey of Synchrophasor System Networks

The NASPI (North American SynchroPhasor Initiative) working group brings together power engineers and other people from electric utilities, from power equipment vendors, and from academia. NASPI's objective is to improve the reliability, throughput, efficiency, and economics of the electric power grid by accelerating the widespread deployment of devices called PMUs (Phasor Measurement Units). A PMU makes fine-grained time-synchronized measurements of the electrical state of a particular point on the grid.

Sharing in DeterLab

The sharing capability is now available by signing into your DeterLab account, My DeterLab. The sharing tab allows any user to share materials that they think would be helpful to the user community.

Any user can find shared materials by entering in search terms in the search field. Additionally, you can customize the search by applying certain filters such as tool, for example.

Enhanced DETER Federation System Release - Version 4.10

As previously announced in early July, we now have an enhancement to our DETER federation daemon, fedd, which is version 4.10. This release includes a new desktop federator VM image based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, a more portable version of the python topdl library, and a workaround for a command line parsing bug in recent versions of ssh. It is interoperable with older versions of fedd, so users are only required to upgrade if they have difficulties with recent ssh installations.

The topdl library and VM image can be installed independently.

DETER Federation System Release

The DETER Research Group is pleased to announce a new release of the DETER federation system (Version 4.00), fedd. Federation allows a researcher to construct experiments that span testbeds by dynamically acquiring resources from other testbeds and configuring them into a single experiment. As closely as possible, that experiment will mimic a single DeterLab experiment.

A researcher may build a federated experiment to:

Suggested Steps to Improving Nation's Cybersecurity Readiness

Editorial by: Terry Benzel
March 24, 2014
University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering

ISI's DeterLab Turns Students Into Valuable Job Candidates

Research Professor Young Cho uses the cybersecurity testbed in his classes, providing students hands-on experience valuable to future employers.

Read More > http://www3.isi.edu/home

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