DETER Award Recipient for Global Cyber Participation & Partnerships

The DETER Team received the Cyber is a Global Sport Award at the 2017 DHS Cyber Security R&D Showcase on Thursday, July 13. The award is in recognition of the DETER Partners program that works extensively with international partners as well as a number of universities in the United States. A global mission of DETER is to promote and build DETER clusters for specialization to further leverage the overall investment made in DETER technology to benefit and grow an experimentation ecosystem.

A highlight of the DETER international effort is the close partnership with the National University of Singapore (NUS). Both DETER and NUS team members have travelled to each other’s site locations for hands-on interaction, development, and in-depth research discussions. DETER Team leader Terry Benzel and DETER Partners program manager Goran Scuric assisted NUS in establishing their National Cyber Lab (NCL) that uses DETERLab as its base. DETER cluster code, hardware architecture specifications, and guidance allowed for NUS to rapidly build and deploy NCL. This partnership that began in November 2016 resulted in an official launch of NCL by February 2017.

DETER’s global participation has given rise to a robust, national computing resource for Singapore’s R&D cybersecurity community that gives it access to critical data and tools for realistic, reusable experimentation environments. The NCL/DETER collaboration is just one example. DETER has also been engaged in similar efforts with Israel’s CREATE cyber lab, Canada’s Defence Research and Development centre, and most recently the European Union’s Joint Research Centre. DETER’s capabilities coupled with its valuable partnerships yield rapid operational testing platforms that lead the way to Cyber Experimentation of the Future (CEF).

Members of DETER accepting award

Pictured Above and Below: Doug Maughan - award presenter, Cyber Security Division Director at HSARPA (far left); Terry Benzel - accepting award/award recipient, DETER Technical Director (middle); Goran Scuric - award recipient, DETER Partners Manager (far right).


Members of DETER accepting award


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Addendum (8/31/2017):  From the DHS Science and Technology Newsroom… Read More (click here): Snapshot article on S&T Cyber Security Division (CSD) hosted R&D Showcase and Technical Workshop – the federal government’s largest cybersecurity conference – shows impact with greatest turnout in its five-year history. 870 attendees and more than 100 technical presentations representing $250 million in research projects. CSD is already planning the 2018 Cybersecurity R&D Showcase and Technical Workshop tentatively scheduled for the fall of next year. Continue to check the CSD Events page for announcements.