Example of DeterLab Testbed Servers

DETERLab Testbed

DETERLab’s infrastructure is designed to support large-scale experiments with a wide variety of scalable resources, yet also provide certain protections to enable risky experiments closer to real-world environments.
These resources are operated and supported by the DETER team at at the University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute – in Los Angeles and Arlington, VA – and the University of California at Berkeley.

DETERLab’s facilities include:

  • Various local area network infrastructure elements and options at DETERLab locations
  • Wide area networking between locations
  • Ability to integrate one or more third-party network and computing facilities into experiments on-demand.
  • Nodes that may be configured in a variety of ways with any of several existing operating system and application software stacks, virtual machine monitors, VMs, network emulation elements, and network simulators.
  • A gatekeeper that protects the Internet-facing side of the testbed and controls access to the private network
  • Local and remote access to the node console by testbed users, who have the ability to power cycle a node if it hangs.

To create nodes in an experiment's network, these computing facilities are currently available:

  • Over 700 high-capacity multi-core server nodes:
    • 500 nodes at Los Angeles, CA
    • 200 nodes at Berkeley, CA