The DETER project team is composed of staff from the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI), and the University of California, Berkeley.

John Wroclawski John Wroclawski
ISI Deputy Director, Internet and Networked Systems Division
John serves as Chief Scientist for the DETER Project with a focus on experiment model and design methods, and the architecture of extensions to DETERLab’s essential capabilities as an advanced scientific instrument.
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Terry Benzel Terry Benzel
ISI Deputy Director, Internet and Networks Systems Division
Terry is the Principal Investigator for the DETER Project, responsible for overall project oversight. She leads outreach, communication and collaboration efforts and is focused on ensuring that the testbed and its community continue to evolve in new directions and capabilities and is ever ready to serve a growing dynamic user community.
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Anthony Joseph Anthony Joseph
Associate Professor at the University of California
Anthony is the DETER Principal Investigator for UC Berkeley (UCB), and provides leadership and oversight of UCB’s DETER staff and contributions. His research areas include network anomaly detection, and domain-specific tools for experimentation with network-level detection technologies.
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Bob Braden Bob Braden
ISI Fellow
Bob leads DETER efforts in extending DETERLab capabilities for experimentation in critical infrastructure cyber-security, particularly in the area of Smart Grids and energy. He leads collaboration with NASPI Net Innitiative and chairs the Network Systems sub task team of NASPI.
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Ted Faber Ted Faber
Computer Scientist at ISI
Ted is the lead research developer responsible for development of new DETERLab capabilities for Federation, Virtualization, and abstraction. Oversees developer projects and works with collaborators in the GENI community.
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John Hickey John Hickey
Network System Administrator
John is responsible for technical operations of the testbed systems, networks, and other components of DETERLab housed at ISI, providing software installation and debugging efforts, hardware maintenance and upgrade and user support.

Alefiya Hussain Alefiya Hussain
Computer Scientist at ISI
Alefiya is a researcher in network analysis, semantic visualization of network traffic and is responsible for design and development of the DETERLab Experiment Life Cycle Management System and for CPS experimentation.
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Jelena Mirkovic Jelena Mirkovic
ISI Research Faculty
Jelena is a leading researcher in core problems in DDOS, Malware, and Traffic Generation, and also leads DETERLab educational efforts developing course curriculum and class room exercises using DETER.
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Clifford Neuman Clifford Neuman
ISI Research Faculty
Cliff leads ISI cyber-security research projects in Smart Grid with a community of research partner organizations. He advises the community on use of DETERLab for architectural analysis, experimentation and test.
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Steve Schwab Steve Schwab
Senior Research Scientist at ISI
Steve provides design and architecture research and development, and leads efforts in investigating fundamental approaches to modeling experimental scenarios in the network and cyber security domains, as well as architecture and development of DETER tools and testbed capabilities that leverage these techniques.
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Brian Shiratsuki Brian Shiratsuki
Operations Staff at the University of California
Brian is responsible for technical operations of the testbed systems, networks, and other components of DETERLab housed at UCB.

Keith Sklower Keith Sklower
Information Analyst at the University of California
Keith is a DETERLab software developer working on infrastructure enhancements related to performance and controls in DETERLab's network level resources, such as experiment isolation, switch management. Sklower also contributes support for instructional use of DETER.
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