Collaborating with DETER

Collaboration is a key element in the work of the DETER Project; our work with the research community creates the new methods, technologies, and infrastructure required for advanced scientific development of new cybersecurity technology.

The DETER team works with collaborators in both of its main activities: research and development of cybersecurity science methods and technology as well as operation and enhancement of DETERLab, the experimental facility for cybersecurity scientific activity.

DETER collaborators include:

  • Other testbeds/test facilities focused on security, advanced networking, high performance computing, or critical infrastructure protection. We work with them, and other lab operators, to create new technology for pooling resources in a larger virtual facility, expanding the available resource base and support infrastructure. Joint efforts are put into practice in DETERLab, where the innovations can be used by a worldwide community of cybersecurity scientists.
  • Subject-matter experts in specific areas of cybersecurity or critical infrastructure protection, developing new methods of experimentation in their domains of expertise.
  • Network and security researchers with an interest in using DETERLab for their research needs.

Please use the contact form and make sure to indicate your interest on the form as "Collaborating with DETER". We will respond within a week to begin exploring how our teams and facilities can start working together.