System Release Announcement: Containers v1.1

All components in the DETERLab Containers System have been upgraded as of June 15, 2016. The host OS for all containers is now Ubuntu 14.04. The QEMU-KVM package was upgraded to 2.51-1 and all OpenVZ components were upgraded to the latest versions.

Virtual Distributed Ethernet (VDE) was dropped as the QEMU-KVM network implementation and replaced with a Linux bridge/tap mechanism. This gives an order of magnitude speed increase for QEMU-KVM networking from roughly 450 MBs to 4.5 GBs.

These updates, along with some internal code refactoring, will also decrease container initialization and creation time, thus speeding experiment swap in times.

NOTE: These changes are not backwards compatible. In order to use the updated containers, users must re-containerize older experiments. If the old containers system is needed, the experiment's NS file must be edited by hand so the bootstrap script path is "/shared/containers_v1.0.0/...".

Documentation on Containers is located at: