NASPI Association to Contribute to Understanding of How DeterLab can Support Research in Cyber-Physical Systems

I attended the 20th NASPI Working Group meeting in Knoxville, TN on March 11-12, 2014. The NASPI Working Group is a voluntary organization of electric power engineers, technical managers in power-related corporations, vendors of products supporting power transmission, and academics in the power field. The Working Group is composed of four task teams, each of which has a specific charter and usually an agenda to develop standards and interoperability guidelines for testing, installing, and communicating with PMUs. I have been attending meetings of the Data and Network Management Task Team, and at the Knoxville meeting I agreed to chair a sub-task team centered on the communications facilities for the Smart Grid. I expect that my association with this group will contribute to an understanding of how DeterLab can support research in cyber-physical systems.