NOVA: Protecting Against a 'Cyber Pearl Harbor'

PBS NOVA host David Pogue and a film crew visited USC ISI to learn more about cyber security and the DETER Project. As a result of this visit, PBS NOVA is now hosting a featurette about the DETER Project on their web site as part of their ongoing web presence, complimenting their television series Making Stuff Safer.

I had the opportunity to discuss with David the current threat environment and how DeterLab contributes to improving Cyber Security through experimental science of cyber security.

Along with a tour, we visually demonstrated a scenario using the DeterLab facility that shows how a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack behaves, courtesy of Ted Faber - a senior member of the DETER Project team. Ted showed how bringing back-up servers on-line assists with preventing a hacker target from being overwhelmed by an onslaught of botnets, by distributing the attack load.

DETER is also educating the next generation of cyber researchers to assit in defending against malicious attack. We are also working with NOVA Labs to contribute to a set of cyber security challenges for high school students.