DETER - Keynote Address at ACSAC, Key New Web Site

At the same time that I'm keynoting at the Annual Computer Security Applications Conference (ACSAC), the DETER team is launching a new Web site. The keynote address, the accompanying paper, and the web site are all part of a new level of information about the DETER project. I'm really looking forward to the talk and to announcing the new DETER web site that you see here. 

The talk crystalizes many of the key concepts that we have been working on in the DETER Project. It provides a description of our research focused on new transformational methods for increasing knowledge, incorporating higher level, semantic information about experiments, new approaches to scalable modeling and Emulation, and techniques for increasing the efficiency and efficacy of experimentation. New capabilities in each of these areas will be available in an ongoing basis with initial capabilities operational in spring 2012.