Testimony before House Subcommittee on Cyber R&D

I had the opportunity to testify before Congress this week. I was a panelist at a joint hearing of the House Subcommittees on Research and Technology on February 26. The topic of the hearing was "Cyber R&D Challenges and Solutions". The hearing examined cybersecurity research and development activities, including standards development and education and workforce training. In addition, the hearing reviewed the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2013 (H.R. 756).

The other panelists were:  Dr. Fred Chang, President of 21CT and Mr. Michael Barrett, VP and CIO of PayPal Inc.

My testimony focused on 4 recommendations:

Increase the breadth and scope of cyber-security R&D, and create opportunities for multi-disciplinary research. 

Formulate a research strategy/agenda to develop open, broad, multi-organizational cyber-security experimentation and testing capabilities.

Develop new models of technology transfer operation, funding, partnership and cultural change within organizations.

Increase educational programs in cyber-security research and development, with an emphasis on doctoral degrees.

We believe that the DETER Project contributes to all of these and we look forward to working with the community to continue to advance important agendas in Cyber R&D.

A copy of my written testimony and web cast of the hearing (my opening remarks are at about 31 minutes), follow (via hyperlink):

Terry Benzel in the court room
Terry Benzel in the court room