Cypress at TridentCom

This week I presented the first Cypress paper at TridentCom 2015 in Vancouver, BC. TridentCom is an international conference that brings together technical experts and researchers from academia, industry, and government to present work concerning research infrastructure and testbeds for advanced networking, cloud computing, cyber physical systems, and connected vehicles.

Cypress includes a new class of simulation technology specifically designed for the network testbed environment. It is being integrated into DeterLab to allow for the engineering processes of physical system design, control system design, and network system design to come together. This is accomplished through a combination of compilation and runtime integrated environment tools that serve as a capabilities set for CPS cybersecurity experimentation.

Representatives from most of the testbed community were in attendance at TridentCom, including researchers and developers from Emulab, Geni, StarBed, and OneLab. Also in attendance were the organizers of the NIST CPS Testbeds workshop that I attended in February. The NIST folks seemed particularly interested in Cypress and invited me back to the next NIST CPS workshop in September.

In talking with the Emulab team, I learned about their new cloud infrastructure testbed that includes a significant installation of ARM based nodes. This could be particularly interesting for federation with Cypress as the target architecture for low-power control nodes today is clearly ARM. Thus the ability to incorporate such devices into Cypress experiments would result in an increase in fidelity for users.

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