TechRepublic Article Talks DETER's Role in CEF

Reporter Michael Kassner provides an update to his original DETER article from 2011. The project's cyber proving ground, DETERLab, is a key ecosystem instrument in Cyber Experimentation of the Future (CEF). Establishing a scientific roadmap for the 'science of cybersecurity experimentation' is absolutely critical to cyber research advancement. Testing capabilities, tools, methodologies, and federated systems for cyber-physical assessment are primary components to groundbreaking scientific cyber research. DETERLab has evolved to provide these things under the leadership of Terry Benzel, DETER Project principal investigator. Researchers need to be able to quickly set up, run, peer validate and share experiment results to be effective in outpacing cyber exploits in the real world, and that's why the science of experimentation is so important to our future.

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The CEF report, co-authored by Ms. Benzel, lays out where experimentation needs to go. The report can be downloaded at:

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