System Release Announcement: MAGI v1.90

The new MAGI version was released on June 6, 2016, and is available to use on the DETERLab testbed. The new release includes support to develop agents in C. The C-agent library includes support for data management, agent response triggers, and logging.

The release includes a simple math calculator c agent, which is available as part of the magi modules library. The agent, named cagent, illustrates how to use the C agent library and supports addition and subtraction functions. It provides an overview of the different elements required to completely develop a C agent.

We have also developed a couple of other CPS based C agents (rls centralized and rls distributed), which are much more complex in nature. These agents were developed as part of the CPS (Cyber Physical System) project during the Smart America Challenge. More information about the work and experiment results visualizations are available at:

MAGI’s current released version is v1.90, and the codebase is publicly available at the following locations: