DETER Partner Manager Supports & Participates in NCL’s Official Launch with NRF

Goran Scuric, DETER Partner Manager, recently traveled to Singapore to assist the National Cybersecurity R&D Laboratories (NCL) Team with preparing for their official launch, for the National Research Foundation of Singapore (NRF), that took place on February 21, 2017. The NRF funds NCL (since November 2015) and is the equivalent of the NSF (National Science Foundation) in the United States. This large demonstration for the NRF, including industry partners, showcased the capabilities of the NCL testbed based on ‘DETER Inside’ (DETER software) using the latest server hardware.

Part of Goran’s role is providing DETER integration assistance for DETER partner testbeds/teams such as NCL. National Cybersecurity Lab is Singapore’s national shared infrastructure that provides computing resources, repeatable and controllable experimentation environments, including application services. The Lab’s infrastructure currently includes a cluster of 300 nodes that provides a wide range of provisioning mechanisms, security data, and security services. NCL aims to provide a platform that fosters collaboration amongst researchers in academia, government bodies, and industry.

The National Cybersecurity Lab’s team consists of a number of faculty members, students, and staff. Its facility is located at the National University of Singapore in the computer science building. NCL is collaborating with USC Information Sciences Institute on several projects of mutual interest that include adding SDN capabilities to the testbed, human behavior models, testbed control network separation in the VmWare environment, and others. Mr. Scuric continues to shepherd many of the ongoing efforts between DETER and NCL.

National Cybersecurity R&D Lab: