The DETER Project filmed for NOVA Segment on "Making More Stuff: Safer" with David Pogue

On Monday, August 5, our ISI offices and DeterLab facility were turned into a TV filming facility. Gemini Productions – Gail Willumsen and Jill Shinefield - producers, Jason Longo - cameraman, and Ken King - soundman ­– turned the 11th floor conference room into a film studio with all of their equipment. David Pogue provided the interview and on-air narration.  
We started the day with David Pogue interviewing me as part of a general discussion of Cyber Security and the role of science-based experimentation. Then John Hickey (wearing a button-up shirt, with collar) took us on a tour of the DeterLab facility. We followed that up with a demonstration and discussion with Alefiya Hussain on tools and methodologies for creating and orchestrating experiments of high complexity and scale. She demonstrated the DETER MAGI system and some new tools for visualizing an experiment in design and running it.
From here, David met with Ted Faber who demonstrated the large scale Botnet demo. Ted extended the demo to include two additional servers to help thwart the attack. This allowed him to show the attack without a defense mechanism and one with.
PBS NOVA film shoot with David Pogue and the DETER group.
PBS NOVA film shoot with David Pogue and the DETER group.
Both of these demos allowed us to talk about realism, scale and supporting tools and methodologies in the DETER Project.
David also met with Cliff Neumann who described security issues in the SmartGrid and interconnected cyber physical systems. Cliff even had some sample Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) as visual aids for his discussion with David. 
We ended the day with a classroom lecture. Jelena Mirkovic and an assembled group of students did a DDoS exercise using DeterLab. We even had David sign on to DETER and run the experiment.
The producers were very happy with the material they got from the day and will be going into editing soon. The show is scheduled to air in early November. DETER will be one short segment in the hour-long show.
Watch here for an announcement of the date the show will air!