DETER Federation System Release

The DETER Research Group is pleased to announce a new release of the DETER federation system (Version 4.00), fedd. Federation allows a researcher to construct experiments that span testbeds by dynamically acquiring resources from other testbeds and configuring them into a single experiment. As closely as possible, that experiment will mimic a single DeterLab experiment.

A researcher may build a federated experiment to:

• Connect resources from testbeds with different focuses (e.g., connect power system resources with networking resources).
• Connect resource owned by different actors for collaboration or competition.
• Connect a local workstation environment to an experiment to monitor or demonstrate the results of an experiment.

In this new release we highlight the availability of desktop/lightweight federation. This new capability enables a researcher to connect an existing desktop workstation to a federated experiment. This lets a researcher bring their visualization and debugging tools into an experiment while keeping their home environment intact. In addition, researchers can provide limited external connectivity to other nodes in the experiment through the desktop.

The desktop federator is a powerful way to begin using federation with minimal configuration and overhead. Researchers have used desktop federation to demonstrate complex experiments at their local sites using powerful tools and hardware. The simplest way to use desktop federation is to make use of our pre-packaged virtual machine image. More features can be made available if researchers install the desktop federator directly on a host.

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